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Breakfast (until a.m.11.00) 
Peasants Breakfast 550.-
(3 eggs, bacon, onion)
Breakfast of Office Workers and Students  550.-
Students (2 slices of eggy bread)
Everybody's Breakfast 600.-
(hot sandwich with ham and mushroom) 
Broth with Noodles  550.-
Liver Dumpling Soup  660.-
Broth with Egg or Pancake Strips  550.-
Bean Goulash  1050.-
Cold Fruit Soup  650.-
Kids Menu 
Fried Turkey Breast with French Fries  1050.-
Fried Egg with French Fries and Ketchup  800.-
Fried Cheese with French Fries 990.-
Ready to Serve Food
Beef Stew with Buttery Dumplings 1750.-
Roast a la Brasov (roasted meal and potatoes cubes, smelled garlic)  1650.-
Gyros Plate  1650.-
Poultry Dishes
Fried Chicken Thigh Fillet  1650.-
Hawaiian Turkey au gratin  1950.-
Turkey Breast Stuffed with Smoked Cheese  1850.-
Spicy Turkey Strips with Salad  1750.-
Cordon bleu  1950.-
Pork Dishes
Gypsy Roast (roasted pork with bacon)  1750.-
Fried Pork Chops  1750.-
Pork Chop as a Good Wife makes it (with mushrooms, bacon and onion)  1850.-
Pork Roast á la Magyaróvár (roasted pork with ham, mushroom and cheese)  1850.-
Pork Roast á la Bakony (with mushroom-paprika sauce) with Buttery Dumplings 1750.-
The Chefs Choice
“Diótál” (breaded, fried and roast meat platter for two) 5600.-
Light Meal
Fried Camembert with Redcurrant Jelly 1650.-
Pancakes with Mushroom 1000.-
Vegetable Risotto 1000.-
Fried Mushroom 1550.-
Cauliflower au gratin 1550.-
Salad with Yoghurt Dressing 650.-
Cucumber Salad  500.-
Pickled Gherkin  420.-
Cabbage Salad  420.-
Pickled Paprika  420.-
Buttery Steamed Veggies  500.-
French Fries  500.-
Steamed Rice  500.-
Croquette 500.-
Steak Fries 500.-
Buttery Dumplings  400.-
Poppy ‘guba’ (sweet dish with rolls soaked in milk and poppy seed topping)  600.-
Crepes Filled with Chestnut or Gerbeaud or Curd or Jam or Cocoa  550.-
Fruit Bowl  550.-
Souce Tartar  150.-
Ketchup/ Mustard  150.-
Sour Cream  150.-
Fried Egg 100.-

In the price of the main dish the chosen garnish is included